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What’s The Most Effective Way To Control Your Work Comp Costs?

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The least expensive claim is the one that never happens.

It’s a proactive approach to putting processes and training in place
to reduce workplace injuries from happening, quick and effective
injury treatment to prevent claims from entering the Workers’ Comp

With the right knowledge, training and support, it’s possible to prevent up to 50% of all workplace injuries.

Here are two of the most effective, proprietary tools we will apply to your business:

Safety Training and Reviews

Do your employees do everything by the book? 

Is safety top of mind, even when everyone is working full speed?

These are key to avoid injuries and claims, and the McDonough Team and Resources  are ready to help

safety reviews
nurse triage

Nurse Triage

When a child is sick at school, they see the nurse before going to the doctor.

When an injury occurs at your facility, you should follow the same process.

Having a Nurse Triage service immediately gets your employee in touch with a telemedicine nurse to assess the injury and determine the best treatment.

Safety/Loss Prevention

Safety Training

Safety training is extremely important not only when an employee is first hired, but also continued training throughout their career. Reminders about the dangers that exist in the workplace are one example of continued training. Helping employees to understand the purpose of each safety training session is important as well. Safety training goes beyond common sense and should teach preventive techniques.

Here are three things you should cover during safety training:

  1. Show your employees how to keep themselves and others safe
  2. Teaches employees how to prevent unsafe situations
  3. How to limit the costs of injuries and accidents

In order to function smoothly, employers need their employees to be present in the moment. If safety training is continued, it will create a better culture within the business and give employees continued reminders.

Supervisor Training

Not only do you need to train employees on safety, but you need to have additional training for supervisors. Here are some things supervisors should be focus on:

  1. Keep an eye out for unsafe behaviors and unsafe equipment
  2. Maintain a safe work area
  3. Train and remind your employees to be safe
  4. Know how to enforce the safety policies and procedures
  5. Make the right picks when hiring employees
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Need Direction and Ideas on Preventing Claims In Your Business?

During Your Work Comp Risk SnapShot, we’ll do a quick review of your Safety Training and Work Comp Claim Prevention Processes. The goal is to pinpoint areas for effective and efficient improvement.

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