Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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Eliminate Your Work Comp Frustrations, Confusions And Hassles

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… to keep Work Comp costs from spiraling out of control?

… not sure exactly what to do when a workplace injury happens?

… wasting time looking for answers to control Work Comp costs?

… tired of trying to figure out the Work Comp “Game”?

… missing advice from a team you trust to help you?

If This Is You And Your Business, I Can Help.

I’m Mike McDonough, Owner Of McDonough Insurance Services.

My focus is on helping Construction, Wholesale, Food Processing, Trucking, and Agriculture Operations control their Work Comp costs and gain a true competitive advantage.

Like many insurance agents, I began my career as an insurance generalist… 

… Just like thousands of other insurance agents- one of which you may be working with today.

When I opened my insurance agency in 1991, I didn’t understand the massive complexity and difficulty in managing Workers’ comp claims.

All of this changed when I finally saw how mismanaged Work Comp claims were harming my clients’ businesses.

It upset me to discover firsthand just how broken and mismanaged the system really is. 

It disturbed me to witness hardworking business owners being drained of money and time, a process verging on robbery. But unlike many in the industry, I KNEW… 

The fight against workers’ comp mismanagement could be won using the right tactics.

This launched my journey to focus on Workers’ Comp solutions for select businesses. 

It’s my personal mission… to learn and understand the broken Work Comp system inside and out to help my clients.

Over the past 11 years, my team and I have created proprietary strategies proven to prevent claims and properly manage those that do occur.

These strategies typically save our clients 40% or more.

Bottom line: You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner if you needed heart surgery. Why should you go to a generalist to manage your workers’ comp claims?

You need an advisor with a keen focus and deep understanding of the Work Comp system.

My Team and I have helped our clients save millions of dollars, and we’re ready to help you cut your Work Comp costs too.

Ready to cut your workers’ comp costs by 40%, boost profits, build a safer and happier workforce...

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