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Discover How a “School Nurse” Can Effectively Slash Your Work Comp Costs

Go ahead… close your eyes.


Think back to when you were a kid, seven years old, sitting at your desk in school.

Maybe your belly hurts because you tried the tomato soup for lunch. (You HATED tomatoes as a kid… gag!)

Or you’re just nervous about a test or having to tell a story in front of the whole class.

Remember back running around the playground and you tripped and fell and scraped up your elbow and knee?

As a kid in elementary school, when you felt sick or you hurt yourself, you had a safety net.

The School Nurse.

If you felt sick or scraped a knee on the playground, the school nurse would immediately check you out and determine if you were really sick.

Oftentimes, the school nurse would treat you right then and there and send you back to class.

But if you had a fever or needed stitches from your playground fall, the school nurse would call your parents or send you to a doctor to get you patched up.

I don’t know about you but a visit to the school nurse always made me feel better. She was always nice, compassionate, and patient with all the kids. It allowed me to relax and not be so nervous.

What if a “School Nurse” could make your injured workers feel the same way?


The Value of a “School Nurse” for Your Employees

Providing a triage nurse for your injured employees provides the same type of immediate medical assessment and care as the “School Nurse” provided when you were a kid.

A Triage Nurse offers benefits for both your employees and for you the employer.

Let’s first look at the benefits a Triage Nurse offers to your injured workers.

All workplace injuries, even minor scrapes, bruises, or strains, are immediately reported to the supervisor and then to the company nurses’ station or call the triage nurse hotline.

Within minutes of the injury, your employees can be talking with an occupational nurse to assess and evaluate the injury.

Just like the school nurse, the occupational nurse will evaluate the employee and their symptoms to determine the severity of the injury or illness.

Once the nurse completes the evaluation he or she will determine if the employee can return to their shift or need to be referred for medical attention.

In the majority of cases, injuries are minor and don’t require any treatment.

In many cases, self-care may be recommended. In this situation, the employee is sent home with instructions to rest, apply ice, and possibly take an over-the-counter medication recommended by the triage nurse. The next day if the symptoms persist and the employee wants to seek medical attention, the employee will be referred to the local occupational clinic.

The goal with a triage nurse is to assess an injury or illness within minutes to determine the best plan of action for the employee’s safety and well-being.

The employees feel a sense of calm when they can talk with a nurse right away about their injury or illness. The employee feels better; it reduces their stress level, anxiety, and fear. Believe it or not, employees in most cases are afraid to report injuries for several reasons. A triage nurse will eliminate 95% of this.

Bottom Line: The primary benefit of a 24/7 triage nurse program is that your injured workers have the opportunity to discuss their issues with a registered nurse regarding possible treatment in a timely manner. 

The nurse’s only concern is the needs of the injured worker. The triage nurse does not make any compensation determinations

Benefits for the Employer Using A Triage Nurse

As the employer, consider these benefits of using a Triage Nurse to address your frontline workplace injuries.

First of all (and perhaps most important from an employer’s viewpoint) a Triage Nurse reduces your time away from the business allowing you to spend more time working in your business, not on your business.

Every workplace injury includes “hidden costs.”

Productivity is lost to care for the injured employee, investigate the cause of the accident, report the injury, and find a replacement worker if the injured employee is unable to work… just to name a few.

These “hidden costs” can be two to ten times the actual Work Comp payment costs!

Here’s another common scenario that happens when an employee is injured on the job.

All too often an injured employee reports an injury to their manager, supervisor, owner, or HR.

Next, the employee is asked, “How are you feeling, what happened, and would you like to go to the doctor?” Many times the employee answers: “Nope, I’m good and can go back to work.”

The employer will listen to the employee, believing that the injured employee is ok, and allow them to get back to their position.

This Is a BIG No-No!

Here’s the thing: You and your supervisors aren’t trained, medical professionals. You don’t know and understand the full health history of your employees, or underlying or pre-existing health issues allowing an employee to return to work.

Failing to properly document the circumstances can be a huge liability for you, the employer.

Having a Triage Nurse to evaluate all workplace injuries can save you from potential costly workers’ comp claims that turn bad from employees who initially claim they’re ok.

In addition to protecting you from excessive work comp costs, using a Triage Nurse contributes to a healthier more productive work culture. 

All of the stress, frustration, and guesswork of what you need to do when an injury is reported is gone. You simply direct all injured workers to immediately contact the Triage Nurse.

Proper documentation for each injury aligned with OSHA 300 requirements is coordinated with the report of the injury from your Triage Nurse.

Bottom Line: In addition to providing immediate attention to your employees, the real benefit of a triage nurse to an employer is it will cut down on the number of claims and premiums by 60% or more.

What’s Your Next Step to Implementing a Triage Nurse in Your Business?

Not all Triage Nurse services are the same.

Here are the things you need to consider when selecting and implementing a Triage Nurse service.

  1. 24/7 phone availability at all your operating locations.
  2. Multiple language capability to communicate with non-English-speaking employees.
  3. A clear commitment to patient care first. Providing empathy and reassurance for the injured employee is essential.
  4. Relationships and understanding of the local medical facilities for best-recommended treatment and medical care.
  5. Understanding of the Work Comp system and ability to assess Return To Work capabilities of the injured worker.
  6. Recording and documentation of phone calls for claims reporting, investigation, and follow-up.
  7. Independent from your Work Comp Insurance Provider. Do NOT use a Triage Nurse service your insurance carrier recommends.
  8. Work with your Work Comp Advisor Specialist who has vetted a Triage Nurse services for your area and type of operation. He or she can recommend the best option for you based upon experience and results from other clients.

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Just as the School Nurse provided compassionate care and comfort when you were sick or hurt at school, the Triage Nurse offers your injured employees immediate care and concern.

A Triage Nurse is able to assess the employee’s injury and direct the appropriate medical treatment.

It removes you from the responsibility of making medical assessments and directing treatment that you’re unqualified to make.

Remember, using a Triage Nurse contributes to a healthier more productive work culture.

So if you want to show your employees you care…

If a happy, healthy, and productive workplace is important to you…

And you want to slash your Work Comp claims and costs by 60% or more…

Maybe a Triage Nurse service is your answer?

(And you’ll smile thinking about the comfort and care your School Nurse offered you as a runny-nosed kid)

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