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Mike is so passionate about workers’ comp! He has been instrumental in educating our managers and employees to help ensure we keep exposure low and costs down. It’s not uncommon for him to spend an hour or more on the phone if I have a question or need assistance. He is very responsive and thorough as well—always available to help and provides regular check-ins to make sure our workers' comp costs are controlled. 

- Patty DaSilva from Brophy Brothers in Santa Barbara, CA

I'm in the workers' compensation business, and I can tell you that Mike really gets it. There are many, many brokers who do not truly understand the important issues in comp. Mike's not one of them. He runs a small company and is close to his clients. As a small business owner himself, he understands their business realities. Mike is straight up and his concern for his clients is way beyond the basics of account management. 

- Joe Burgess from CHSI Technologies in Las Vegas, NV

Mike McDonough is one of those rare individuals who brings a unique special perspective to his professional work. As an insurance broker, he consistently puts his clients best interests first, bringing a superior degree of integrity and care to the sales experience. Mike is more interested in supporting people in getting what they want, based upon their goals and objectives rather than selling them on what he thinks they should have. His sincere caring and dedication last well beyond the closing of a transaction. With Mike, you have a partner for life. 

- Monica Lenches from Coast & Valley Properties in Santa Barbara, CA

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Not Reporting First Aid Claims Can Save You As Much As 80%... We'll help you do it...


24/7 nurse triage that gives the employer and employee an advantage once an injury occurs. Employers who have access to a registered occupational nurse reduces the amount of claims having to be reported to insurance carriers. The other benefits is the employee's injury is assessed immediately and reduces the chances of being litigated by 90%. Employers having a nurse triage, it reduces their reporting of claims to insurance carriers by 50% or more. Majority of the time, the employee is able to self treat which means the injury doesn't have to be reported to the insurance carrier therefore saving the employer money in the long term.


Negotiating a Medical Bill is Key. We have the professionals to get it done...

We're with you every step of the way. As soon as a bill is issued, we send it off to Bill Review and have successfully reduced every single outstanding medical bill we've ever submitted. That savings translates straight to you - as we work to reduce every aspect of your Workers Comp.

Medical Bill Review
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Our Team Has Got You Covered. Advocating for you as the employer to make sure your rights are protected...

Reviewing open cases and getting status updates... evaluating current counsel and assessing if a change is merited. Ensuring that additional investigation of claims is facilitated if needed. You as the employer have rights and it is our commitment to work on your behalf to protect your rights and reduce your costs as much as possible.


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30 minutes can Save You Thousands.

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